We provide end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services to secure your organization. We advise on your cybersecurity strategy depending on your current level of maturity to help you define your security perimeter, objectives and procedures. We protect your systems with our cybersecurity solutions and monitor your system to detect and react in advance of cyber-attacks. Safeguard your digital enterprise against cyber-attacks and internal malicious behavior with end-to-end advisory, protection and security monitoring services.

We Advise

Cybersecurity Consulting and Audit

The more you know about your vulnerabilities and security controls, the more you can strengthen your organization with effective procedures for governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Our cybersecurity consulting services give you vital insight into your security position with assessments, diagnosis and audits of your data protection, critical infrastructure and SMACT technologies. We work with you to define and then implement the right strategy, target operating model and GRC structure to ensure your security design and operations support your strategic objectives and business continuity. By planning ahead with a cybersecurity strategy as part of your digital transformation journey, you will be in a more confident position to stay compliant and achieve cost savings.

Data Classification, Privacy & Protection

As data proliferates across the digital enterprise, confidential and personal data is at risk from ever smarter cyber criminals, states and competitors. Capgemini helps clients to comply with new regulations, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and to protect themselves against the financial and reputational damage of data loss or data leaks.

As your digital transformation continues, security should be an enabler of competitiveness and change, not an inhibitor. While the threat of a data leak to operational continuity, brand value and customer trust cannot be totally eradicated in this digital landscape, it can be mitigated if handled correctly. It is a strategic and enterprise-wide task involving key businesses and stakeholders, including IT, Security, HR and Legal. Data protection efforts should be consistent with your digital transformation and cybersecurity strategies and focus on both personal and critical data assets.

Effective data privacy and protection demand tools and processes to detect and react to a data leak, consistent cybersecurity rules and processes throughout the data lifecycle, awareness and commitment of all stakeholders. Capgemini provides clients with comprehensive data security capabilities, beginning with strategy and roadmap development. We help clients classify data according to its level of sensitivity, and secure the processing of collected data. In defining policies and governance frameworks for enhanced privacy and controls, we set out the roles and organization, along with corresponding IT requirements, to protect data assets (at rest, in motion, in use).

We help our clients reinforce their data protection practices based on a clear understanding of the business stakes and issues.

Our recommendations and solutions draw on proven methodologies and practices. As part of a consistent digital transformation program, we developed and implemented a privacy impact assessment workflow for one of Europe’s biggest airports. And we helped a leading ICT services supplier identify, assess and deal with privacy risks as part of EU data breach legislation.

We Protect

    • Application Security
      • Application Security Testing
      • Open Source Software Analysis
      • Distributed Denial of Service Protection
      • Web Application Firewall
    • Cybersecurity for Industrial Systems
    • Identity & Access Management

We Monitor

Surveillance and Response

We provide a range of services to protect business assets from growing cyber threats and to formulate an appropriate response once threats are identified. We target potential risks specific to each customer’s environment through the following services:

    • Vulnerability and cyber threat monitoring
    • Threat intelligence:
      • research, analysis and data correlation
      • threat information exploitation
      • maintaining an evolving Indicators of Compromise (IoC) knowledge base
      • Incident response
    • Forensics and digital investigation
    • Malware analysis
Monitor and Protect Your Business Around-the-clock

Constant monitoring and analysis of the cyber risk transforms security into a business enabler, rather than a problem. Our Monitoring and Analytics services help to establish the cybersecurity capabilities you need to monitor operations 24/7. We deliver them out of a dedicated Security Operations Center that’s either operated in-house or provided as a managed service. We will equip you to identify and prevent cyber threats, and remove them from your systems. With actionable alerts, identification of suspicious activity and forensic investigation, you’ll gain a single overview of your real cybersecurity risks.